Dad almost here!

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Alright so its been a little bit since I have updated this, so let’s catch up shall we!

Thursday night after work, Kelly and I gave Emily her birthday presents as it was her birthday (obvisouly lol!) Not all of mine was ready yet though so I had to hold up and gave the rest to her on Saturday! A little later I went with some Canadians to see The Invention of Lying! It was pretty good, unfortunatly it was a late showing and so I fell asleep during part of it! LOL But I will have to see it agian wehn it comes out on DVD.

Friday I had the day off cause Jen, Melissa and I headed to see the Rays vs Yankees in St. Petersburg!!! I was so excited cause I always wanted to see an MLB game. And Derek Jetter and A-Rod were playing, even though I cheered for the Rays, who kicked ass! It was like 13 to 4 the final score! We got home late so I didn’t do anything afterwards.

Saturday I worekd as I trained Jillian on PM Greeter. She was a lot of fun and really cool. Afterwards Allison, Amanda and I headed for a late night walk to 7-11 than I met up with Brad, Kari and Natalie (All new people) and we hung out and talked until about 4 am!

Sunday I trained PM Greeter again, this time it was Brad who was also a lot of fun and cool. He did the program before so he knew how important it was to interact with guests! Also a fellow Canadian got termed the night before so hes now gone. After work I came home and pretty much passed out, wasn’t up for anything to exciting.

Monday was working training popcorn stocker, Kari and Natalie. Again all the new people seemed really cool and were all hard workers. Turns out popcorn shifts are ending earlier which was awesome, so we got out of there just after 10! At Games we decided to play pictionary (we have a lot of games, but to many players!) and it was so much fun and intense. I thought security was going to break us up! Hahaha my team won, Amanda and I were a big part of that. She got some tough ones, and I got the toughest one of all….As Mad As A Wet Hen!! Bahahaha that is right

Finally, yesterday was my least favorite shift, restaurant stocker! But it didn’t turn out that bad so that is good.  Came home and Allison, Amanda, Jen, both Davids and I went for another late walk to 7-11! I enjoy it because its some walking, good tempurature and just quite relaxing and nice to chill outside where none of us have to be signed into another complex!

Alrighty so work today as a seater, than tomorrow I am working as AM cash but I guess I only work until 5! So Afterwards I am heading to the Toy Story Double Feature!!

And exciting exciting times…Friday my dad and Sue come for a visit!! I cannot wait!!! I get Friday, Saturday off, work Sunday than get Monday through Friday off!! Epic!


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